Scouts in Action Month

August is Scouts in Action Month, and the theme for 2015 is Scouts in the Environment.

The aim is to take action for the environment, learn a little more about it but most importantly get out there – in the environment.

The World Scout Environment Program has 3 principles. One of these encourages us to provide opportunities to experience and connect with the natural world. A lack of experience in the outdoors is increasingly being seen as a factor in mental health and behavioural disorders in both children and adults.

“Time in nature is not leisure time; it’s an essential investment in our children’s health (and also, by the way, in our own).”  Richard Louv

There are programs, activities and links on the Scouts in Action website to get you started. They have been listed according to the 5 aims of the World Scout Environment Badge.

Scouts are working towards a world where:

  • People and natural systems have clear water and clean air
  • Sufficient natural habitat exists to support native species
  • The risk of harmful substances to people and the environment are minimized
  • The most suitable environmental practices are used
  • People are prepared to respond to environmental hazards and natural disasters


Scouts in Action Month is a great opportunity to get started on this badge and the World Scout Environment Program Resource Book has lots of wonderful program ideas to get you started.

If you have a great idea for Scouts in the Environment, and need some extra funding to make it happen, Scout Groups are eligible to apply for the Yates Junior Landcare Creative Gardening Grants  and  the Jemena Live Grow Explore Grants  of up to $1,000 for innovative ways of creating a garden within your community or to educate young Australians about environmental sustainability.

Riverina Scout Groups are encouraged to register for Scouts in Action to keep  up to date with ideas and activities that you can run for your Mob, Pack, Troop, Unit, Crew or the whole Group.