Lone Scouts

NSW Lones Scout Group was formed in 1915 in order to service the needs of youth where isolation, transportation, disabilities, parental work commitments and other factors prevented them from participating in normal Scout Group activities on a regular basis. As such, the NSW Lone Scout Group (often referred to as Lones) is a NSW Branch (State) resource existing to service the needs of youth across all the Scout Regions of NSW.

Often Lones is an option for youth members whose families have moved to an area where a scout group does not exist, allowing them to continue their scouting experiences. This is very common in the country areas of NSW and with the many servicemen, servicewomen and their families both within Australia and serving overseas. When they move back to an area where a scout group is active these Lones Members are encouraged to transfer to that Group. Thus, they get to experience both the self motivated and the Group promoted experiences.

The Lones Group can provide support across all sections including Joeys, Cubs, Scouts, Venturers and Rovers.

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